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Office hours/appointments

Courses taught

Feminist Food (University of Notre Dame)

  • co-taught with Prof. Michael Rea

  • Upper level undergraduate course, cross-listed with Gender Studies

  • Spring 2024

Lowly Virtues (University of Notre Dame

  • PhD seminar

  • Fall 2023

Rationality (University of Notre Dame)

  • PhD seminar

  • Fall 2021

Ethics of Food (University of Notre Dame)

  • Satisfies second philosophy course requirement

  • Spring 2021

Epistemology in Practice (University of Notre Dame)

  • Satisfies second philosophy course requirement

  • Online format 

  • Fall 2020, Spring 2021

Publication seminar (University of Notre Dame)

  • PhD program seminar

  • Fall 2020

Virtues: Moral and Intellectual (University of Notre Dame)

  • PhD seminar

  • Spring 2020

God and the Good Life (University of Notre Dame)

  • Fall 2019, Spring 2020

  • Course website available here

  • Co-taught with Meghan Sullivan Fall 2019


Philosophy 107 (Rutgers University) – Introduction to Ethics

  • Summer 2018

  • Online format

  • Created splitscreen instructional videos & led a lively chat discussion focused on topical applications of ethical theories 


Philosophy 412 (Rutgers University) Epistemology

  • Spring 2018

  • Longstanding course previously taught by Peter Klein; designed custom syllabus for advanced undergraduates covering a range of topics including skepticism, the value of knowledge, and social epistemological issues

  • Emphasized team presentations and commenting on papers with partners


 Philosophy 109 (Rutgers University) – Introduction to Formal Reasoning and Decision Making

  • Summer 2017

  • Online format

  • Created customized syllabus covering logic, inductive reasoning, and heuristics and biases

  • Created splitscreen instructional lectures videos with accompanying powerpoints, to supplement class readings for each topic


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